April Working Cities Wednesday

Neighbors gathered for another busy Working Cities Wednesday at Second Congregational Church on Onota St. See below for the pitches made and how to get involved.

Topic: Pittsfield Zine

Leader: Dondei Dean

Next meeting date: Sunday May 5th, 10am Dottie’s

  • Things to include: free community events, movies, music, art from local artists, high schooler essays, local community members, events for kids especially in winter, tag sales, community features (humans of pittsfield), pictures (or drawings) of cats and other animals…advice column?
  • Needs to be ¼ page at least
  • Put contact info for submissions
  • Print at library in exchange for events/space
  • Recipes
  • Bilingual
  • Food pantries
  • Reminders of information distributed elsewhere
  • Distribution
  • Library, Dotties, local businesses, TSL, T&M, Methuselah, Marketplace, Chinese places
  • Can offer coupon printing
  • What to do on a Saturday in Pittsfield?
  • Big question: What are Pittsfielders passionate about?

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • Make an email for submissions
  • Point person for high schoolers
  • Potential partners/sponsors- monthly

Resources you may need:

  • People to contact
  • Kate’s daughter- art
  • Artswalk artists
  • Materials: Staplers, folders, printer (library)

Topic: Victim’s rights
Leader: Barbara Bizzi, 413 442 0649

  • Victims or family members to be notified and names registered and to put on file when the criminal is released
  • How do you let victims know that it’s their right to know this information
  • Victim advocate to process and get information to victims or familyHow do you get information out
  • It should be through the court that victims know this information

Resources you may need:

  • Kenny Warren- lawyer can ask questions
  • Brien Center has support for victims
  • Lisa McCue Victims Advocates at DA office

Topic: Surveys
Leader: Jane Wynn

  • Save with solar etc. MassSave and SolarAccess
  • Targeting people who have former research
  • Time of day 4-6:00 when people have…
  • Tax incentive- local chapter landlords signage
  • Library
  • Greylock mtg for landlords tomorrow

Three things to do before the next meeting:

Resources you may need:

  • Volunteer
  • Note on door- I will be back