March Working Cities Wednesday

Did you miss last month’s Working Cities Wednesday at First United Methodist Church? Check out the projects starting up with your neighbors and join in. And make sure you join us Wednesday, April 24 at Second Congregational Church 50 Onota St. at 5:30 pm for your next pitch.

Topic: Tyler St Lab  ideas:
Leader: Mariam Orengo, Phone: 413 310 8944


  • This is a space that will help grow our multicultural space 
  • Makerspace in lower level is emerging as a workshop space 
  • Space for renewed creativity 
  • Self-sustaining aspect of this project 

Three things to do before the next meeting 

  • Attract more volunteers 
  • Look for funding sources/grants 
  • Letters of support for donations 
  • Donation days in multicultural establishments (La Fogata, Dottie’s) 

Resources you may need:

  • Snacks for kids 
  • Water 
  • Fruit 
  • More volunteers 
  • Creation of an internet marketplace 

Topic: Day of remembrance for victims of trauma 

Leader: Kathi Riley, 413 822 2292

Next meeting date: May 2 at 6:30 pm, Misty Moonlight Diner  


  • Storytelling from loved ones 
  • Candle lit ceremony 
  • The goal of this project- humanity outpour- doing it for those who haven’t had this kind of love. 
  • Multicultural languages and poems 

Three things to do before the next meeting 

  • Pursue the lady making teddy bears out of loved ones’ clothing 
  • Already looking for dates for the event, looking at June 
  • Set dates for meeting to discuss more planning 

Resources you may need 

  • Parks (The Common) permit process 
  • Places for events 
  • Music (DJ/Emcee) 
  • Sponsors and funding 
  • Intention, tagline, lead-up activities