April 25 Working Cities Wednesday

Did you miss the last Working Cities Wednesday? No problem! Below is a summary of the notes taken at the Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center so you can catch up and contribute to these community efforts.

Community Gardens
Lead Name: Karen Roche (413)841-5519 caiteann4@gmail.com
Summary of Discussion:

  • How do we revamp the existing community gardens and spark new interest and participation?
  • Outreach to potential new gardeners and explore the possibility of creating classes to teach gardening skills.

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • Reach out to new groups in the community i.e. Latino Family Support Group, youth groups, Greenagers

Resources you may need:

  • Coverings to protect the plants during mosquito spraying season
  • People

Stories of the Westside
Lead Name: Linda Kelley (413)242-6623 Ld366496@gmail.com
Summary of Discussion:

  • Collection of stories from Westside residents current, past, and multigenerational. Looking for anyone willing to share their story.
  • New outreach efforts at local houses of worship, the library, and senior center.
  • Planning on having a booth at the Gatherin and maybe at 3rd Thursday. Best ways to locate old pictures.

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • Draft interview questions
  • Create a collage of photos
  • Connect with the Heritage Commission and the Berkshire Immigrant Stories project

Resources you may need:

  • Connections to current and former residents and businesses
  • Reach out to the local high schools about incorporating young aspiring journalists

Community Needs Assessment – Goodwill
Lead Name: Kathy Anker (413)442-0061 x14 kanker@goowill-berkshires.org
Summary of Discussion:

  • What are the heavy hitting topics that should be reported on the community assessment?
  • Topics brought up include domestic violence & shelters, navigating complex educational systems, understanding health insurance options and MA health changes.

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • Report back on statistics and information gathered so far.

Resources you may need:

  • More information, more feedback, and more completed surveys!