Community Embraces Bridges Out of Poverty

More than 100 people from across sectors and across Berkshire County attended the first Community-wide Bridges Out of Poverty workshop on Dec 3 at Zion Lutheran Church. Participants learned key concepts related to the Bridges model including the Hidden Rules, Mental Models, and Language of economic class. National facilitator, Prudence Pease, from Aha Process shared the concepts through her life story of going from “lost cause” to successful community leader. Pease called herself the rule, not the exception. Through her life story, many participants noted they could see people they know in her story and reported they believe learning the concepts will help them with their work and relationships in our community.

If you have attended any full day Bridges Out of Poverty session, or you are a graduate of Getting Ahead, you are eligible to register for and attend our second workshop, Applying Bridges Concepts, on January 10 at the Pittsfield Country Club co-sponsored by the City of Pittsfield Department of Community Development. Click here to register today!