January Working Cities Wednesday

A large crowd gathered at Goodwill Industries on Tyler Street to share ideas for making Pittsfield a better place. Many new faces filled the room with great energy. Below are the pitches made and how to get involved:

Topic: Composting
Lead: Kathi Riley 413 822 2292
Summary of Discussion:

  • Community based compost with University of PA (Erin)
  • Research previous pitch
  • Meal site and food pantry
  • Reach out to Kate Lauzon

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • Identify possible participating organizations
  • Reach out to Julie Lemieux
  • Organize bringing orgs together
  • Reach out to the general public
    • John Krol show
    • FB page- Funky Phoenix seedlings page?

Resources you may need:

  • List of recyclable products “how to”
  • Tina’s academy- cooking groups -> compost education

Topic: Community police outreach center West Side
Lead: Linda Kelley 413 242 6623
Summary of Discussion:

  • Pilot for a new paradigm of Law Enforcement and community engagement reinforced
  • Community relationship building with police force- stabbing
  • Need commitment for community police office
  • Carolyn Valli offered space at Habitat office, 2 officers have been assigned
  • Volunteers staff office / paperwork / advice / space for anonymity
  • How do we as a community contribute to needs
  • Flyers created for program
  • We have: office space, commitment, training (tape trainings)
  • Do volunteers need to be from Pittsfield?

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • West Side meeting at Conte School 1/28 every 4th Monday
  • Need volunteers? / Shift discussion? / Office hours? / Weekends?
  • Research other models

Resources you may need:

  • Access training resources (online as well)
  • Access to legal resources (including law enforcement)
  • Law enforcement at West Side meeting
  • List of basic requirements for volunteers
  • Interested volunteers with available hours
  • Outreach
    • John Krol Show, retired officers, vets, firemen, clipboards, local access channel, webpage, paper versions, Chief Wynn

Topic: Park with exercise equipment
Leader: Erika

Summary of Discussion:

  • Something free and outdoors for the community without the extra gym cost
  • Bring culture together
  • Sketches and how this would work

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • Contact Jim and Tessa and ask for feedback
  • Meet with him and our group
  • Bring pictures and ideas of other park designs

Resources you may need:

  • Tessa and Tanu from Westside Riverway Park design
  • Community Navigators
  • Jim McGarth (Head of parks and recreation)

Topic: Creative Learning Network
Leader: Tina Cardot 413 464 6485
Summary of Discussion:

  • Using downstairs Zion classroom
  • Finding kitchens for cooking classes

Three things to do before the next meeting: Check with PHS about dance club, etc – Network to Zion, BCF, young entrepreneurs

Resources you may need: Need people to lead clubs, activities, and other potential sites

The next Working Cities Wednesday is February 27, 2019 at The Christian Center from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm