November 29 Working Cities Wednesday

Did you miss the last Working Cities Wednesday? No problem. Here are some actions you can join in our community. Connect with the lead and get involved today.

Foster Family Recruitment Strategies
Cathy Deely  (617)650-5604

Summary of Discussion: Better strategies for attracting potential foster families and retaining families going through the application process.

  • Outreach events/new locations
  • Target audiences
  • Radio

Three things to do before the next meeting:

  • Research possible new events and locations
  • Schedule an information meeting at Berkshire Children & Families
  • Create survey to find out why people drop out of the application process

Resources you may need:

  • A willingness to explore new partnerships
  • Volunteers
  • Fundraising

Community Inspiration and Engagement
Carolyn Valli, (413)442-3181

Summary of Discussion:

  • Focus groups to determine the solution that the community wants/needs instead of providing solutions.
  • Use the Feedback look to get the information to determine the direction. Neighborhood residents.
  • How do we get all the neighbors involved?

Three things to do before next meeting:

  1. Get the people together who can help create a survey.
  2. Create and publicize a schedule for community conversations.

Resources you may need:

  • Neighbors
  • $ for survey production and refreshments

Soar MA Outreach
Shaitia Spruell  (781) 915-9743

Summary of Discussion:

  • Overview of Soar MA and current challenges
  • Suggestions for outreach: trust and word of mouth

Three things to do before next meeting:

  1. Cindy and Shari will connect again-offline.
  2. Finalize partnerships for learning circles.

Resources you may need:

  • Identify community leaders

Advanced Manufacturing Training

The Berkshire County Regional Employment Board announced that they have again received an extension grant of $138,000 from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.  This funding will continue the important work of recruiting and retraining workers for the manufacturing field.  The grant covers the time period of October 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.
In conjunction with educational partners, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield Public Schools, and McCann Tech, training is being offered in both Pittsfield and North Adams and will focus on course work that will provide participants  with the skills necessary to obtain  entry level positions in manufacturing.