August 23 Working Cities Wedensday

Did you miss the last Working Cities Wednesday? No problem. Here are some actions you can join in our community.

Sit & Share a Berkshire Story
Carolyn Valli 413-442-3181

• Shared space for art and oral history
• Connect elementary school children with community artists and seniors
• Create a multigenerational project surrounding oral history of the      Berkshires and painted chairs that can be placed in public areas.

Three things to do before next meeting:
• Connect with RSVP
• Reach out to Pittsfield Cultural Council
• Reach out to schools

Resources needed:
• Artists interested in working with children
• Paint and prep space
• Seniors willing to share stories of their experience in the Berkshires

Voter Registration at Berkshire Jail
Leslie Sears 617-823-2961

• Need to determine what, if anything, is in place for voter registration and participation
• What past efforts have been made to facilitate this goal?

Three things to do before next meeting:
• Contact Pittsfield Board of Elections
• Reach out to jail employees
• Learn more about voter registration process

Crossing Safety at the Corner of Robbins and Linden Streets
Barbara Bizzi 413-442-0649

• Can signs around the park be added?
• City councilors input on best practices for reducing speed in high traffic neighborhoods
• Should the speed limit be lowered?

Meet the Candidates Mixer
Alisa Costa 413-442-0003

• How to make the experience of interacting with officials and candidates more culturally competent.
• Explore how best to engage people in the small discussions.
• What’s the best format?

Three things to do before the next meeting:
• Get voter registration and early voter forms
• Contact candidates
• Create new flyer with candidate copies

Resources needed:
• Candidate contact info
• Voting forms
• Focus group